Toyota 86 - Pure, unadulterated fun. With the 86 Toyota has been able to create a new class of car, somewhat ironically by dipping into the company’s illustrious sports car heritage. Think of it as a 2000GT or an AE86 for the 21st century.

The true marvel of the 86 is that it’s every inch as much fun to drive as its vastly pricier competition. Pit simply, you have a car that’s priced at the same level as a hot hatch but manages to dish up classic sports car delights - engine at the front, driven wheels at the back, fast throttle responses and quick meaty steering – without the need to be travelling at warp speed to enjoy them.

Shunning a heavy, large displacement powertrain for its performance, the 86 returns to Toyota’s sporting roots with the world’s only combination of a compact, front-mounted, naturally aspirated, free-revving, horizontally opposed ‘boxer’ petrol engine and rear-wheel drive.

While outright acceleration is clearly not the 86’s raison d'être, the figures still reveal a car that is capable of sprinting to 100 km/h in just 7,6 seconds (8,2 seconds for the auto). Top speed is pegged at an academic 226 km/h for the manual and 210 km/h for the auto, courtesy of a high-revving sports engine developing 147 kW at 7000 rpm and maximum torque of 205 Nm at 6400 to 6600 rpm.

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